Every performance
is the result of our values

Our Values

These values forge our corporate identity and guide our actions


We operate with honesty, in the respect of professional ethics. We manage possible conflicts of interest by being transparent and faithful to our values ​​and promises. We feel responsible for the trust of those who rely on us.


We target quality of results and on-going improvement, focusing our knowledge and talent to these objectives.


We devote our energy and commitment to the Company, facing the challenges of each day with courage and enthusiasm. We work with professionalism and involvement, combining head and heart.


We work with pride and participation. Together we are People, Team, Company.

Our Mission and Vision

What we do, how we operate, the world we are building.


We value the savings of our customers by creating and managing investment solutions that fit their needs. We transform the complexity of the financial markets into opportunities. We collaborate with companies that we invest in to promote respect for sustainable growth and high standards of governance. Trustworthiness, innovation and high-quality service are our defining features.


We are committed to a culture that promotes the value of people, their aspirations, and savings at large: a financial humanism based on respect, accountability and awareness of one’s own qualities.

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